About us

DYAD. A mix of two different elements. Two strong personalities. Silver & gold. Feeling good and feeling bad. Feeling feminine and feeling boy-ish. Feeling nice and feeling naughty. We are DYAD. 


Created in 2020 by content creator Gabriella Zacche and jewelry designer May Albuquerque, DYAD is a brand that aims to unite thoughtful design, high quality of materials and ethical and responsible sourcing. Our pieces are made to order,  designed and 100% handmade in NYC. 

DYAD has a story behind each piece that every woman can relate to, without fitting them into a box of what they should look like. After all, we can be anything, and our jewelry is here to empower you to look your best while doing it.

We are proudly a part of the Slow Fashion Movement. From the 'Birth of Venus' collection on, all our pieces are made to order, which drastically reduces the waste generated by making pieces that won't be sold. We are committed to supporting small businesses in our city, NY. All the stones in our 'Birth of Venus' Collection are sourced with love directly from our favorite small gemstone shops in the city. 

Understanding our pricing...

Besides all our love, there is a lot that goes into making our jewelry. For a better understanding of our prices and what you are paying for, we decided to walk you through everything that goes into a Dyad Jewelry. 

- The hours spent on designing (and finalizing designs) of the pieces

- Raw materials (silver, gemstones)

- First molds in wax

- Production: assembly, welding, studding the stones, finishing

- Pilot piece

- Gold vermeil

- Costs of running our website

- Packaging

- Shipping and processing

Welcome to the world of DYAD.